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DOTTIE THE DYKE vs. NURSE KROTCHET! Watch in awe as two big booty women get down and open a can of whoop ass! Dottie the Dyke ( the girl in the mechanic’s duds ) once picked me up and slammed me on a pool table. Nurse Krotchet has a reputation for punching out guys. What’s gonna happen when these two monsters clash? Lookout or you’ll be crushed by 600 lbs. of female fury!!


Darthkiller3 says:

strangely i got here by typing in massive cock slap

Nick Miller says:

lol dottie the dyke


You know, it’s shit like this make me wanna get a Gov’t job with the FCC and turn to the dark side and charge+tax IP addresses for SPAM. One day I will become DARTH MARK and the world will die an agonizing death…all because of SPAM!!!

berrybigbabeb says:

check out DAYFLING dot COM to find a date today!

dwimmerlaik says:

Andy Kufmann, R.I.P. rosie o’donnell look in better shape in this too.

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