The Top Ten Women’s Wrestling Finishers in Wrestling History

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Keeping with the female wrestling theme for one more day. Rest assured, more top tens are in store for the future. This was quite the popular video on the previous account. Essentially, just as the title says, it’s ten of the most kick ass women’s finishers in the history of wrestling. The bulk of them are from Japan, yes, but that just goes to show how much they kick ass over there. You’ve got legends such as Manami Toyota, Aja Kong, and Akira Hokuto, as well as some unsung ladies such as the likes of Mayumi Ozaki. A good chunk of these moves(roughly half or so) were invented by the women you see performing them, and some of these moves are considered by many to be some of the most dangerous and most effective finishers in wrestling history as a whole. Gotta thank for the first clip. They’ve got some kick ass stuff, and are just waiting for you to check them out.


Joe Skinner says:

i wish i could get some of those women to do those finishers on me…….that would be awesome…..just one after the other
completely dominated ha!

mjdc2505 says:

Japanese women wrestling isn’t a joke at all. Japanese women can actually wrestle and slam some asses to the mat instead of doing all these lame ass predictable strike attacks that the American women be doing.

Firgomez91 says:

Why cant WWE be as good as them

TheStryderx says:

Take note wwe and tna, this is how your woman divisions can be better, fight like this

Wurzelknecht says:

Akira Hokuto, the woman you saw use the Nothern Lights Bomb in this vid is the one who innovated that move as far as I know. Every male you see using it came after her time.

w1ndeagl3 says:

Has a woman ever done a SSP?

DJCandyManMike says:

You hit the nail right on the head, sad as it is. To me, matches like Megumi Kudo vs. Combat Toyoda in the exploding barbed wire ring are what women’s wrestling should be about.

DJCandyManMike says:

Every single one of these moves left me open mouthed! Well, except for the Uraken. That was kinda lame.

DJCandyManMike says:

1:36 – That’s my woman right there!

2PacalypseYO4 says:

Asians do it AGAIN!

darkallegiance666 says:

Thanks very much for explaining that!! It’s a shame that it’s mostly about money, but so many things are. Best of luck in your wrestling career – I sincerely hope that you achieve all your goals & have a good time along the way!!

Matthew Thompson says:

I’m a wrestling trainee, and my trainer explained it to me like this: The big companies don’t care about how good you wrestle if you’re a woman, because once you hit the big time, wrestling is 90% sex appeal. All they care about is how you can make them money, and in most cases with women, it’s with T&A => Tits and Ass.

Hellhammerabadon says:

And what if they are only japanese girls? Tell me a female wrestler who wrestles better than them (Besides Cheerleader Melissa, Gail Kim or Sara del Rey)

TheDoctorGrenade says:

Does the Northern Lights count as purely female because I have seen dudes do it or are you just looking at the coolest moves done by females rather than the coolest “female” moves?

Bflo23 says:

Lot of those moves are so dangerous and that is what makes them so great. You would think those wrestlers would be getting paralyzed or get killed. The moonsault double foot stomp is the best and is something that I would never ever think would be possible. Only in videogames! Crazy. I feel bad for the opponent who has to take that.

BornMika says:

Kinda reminds me of the Schwein.

mixer549 says:

i wouldnt take a moonsault double foot stomp that would probably kill me lol

OptimusPrimeribs says:

You have to have a LOT of trust in your opponent to take the bump for the Moonsault Double Foot Stomp. A botch could mean a broken face! Hell, even landing it correctly…all that weight concentrated into the small surface area of the feet. I’m curious what injuries it’s caused, if any.

TarantulaCandy says:

these are all japanese girls only and the moves are too similar. and most importantly there have been better. thumbs down.

TheWolfMCWA says:

I find it interesting that even though these clips are of Japanese wrestlers, when the crowd is chanting along with the referee’s counts, they’re counting in English :)

darkallegiance666 says:

Awesome to see some real women wrestlers at last. Why doesn’t WWE & TNA take notice, throw out all their “divas” and replace them with women who can wrestle like this?  Surely there’s money to be made from this – since all they seem to care about is money?

Kimura Kyoko says:

They are a little different. The same lift but a different drop.

GamertownUSA says:

Great vid, but I thought some moves could have been replaced by

Splash Mountain (Dynamite Kansai)
Death Valley Bomb (Etsuko Mita)

papilgee4evaeva says:

Especially if you’re female.

FistacuffsMcfearless says:

You have to be a complete hard ass to take the moonsault double foot stomp.

embeleshow says:

wow. the last five were all variations of “sick ways to pulverize vertebrae”

sotocousins says:

Weird how there all Asian.

TheSuicidalDragon says:

The NLB and the Emerald Flowsion are different moves, actually.

a2k13 says:

northern lights bombs is the same as emarld fusion lol

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