Slam Wow Ladies Mud Wrestling 1

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Sexy Ladies and Mud – Women of Wrestling! Join us on the Facebook group SLAM-WOW for more info, pictures and updates on the Ladies.


Professor6871 says:

Should be in the Olympics this.

stairmaster3001 says:

dont worry about it i thought it was sexy!!!

Anker95 says:

well which one are you?



Tom Snyder says:

i’ll wrestle

Rai Shauna Martin says:

Okay the one who was on the top the most was definitely trying to ride the girl on the bottom.

Tom Snyder says:


hubertgreen says:


bwild61 says:

, The fems would have a fit for sure!

Professor6871 says:

Should be put forward as a future Olympic sport Ladies Mud Wrestling it will be ratings winner.

Professor6871 says:

I’d like the job of hossing them two down afterwards.

hellyeah0136 says:

2 girls 1 pool.

Professor6871 says:

I like the job of hossing them down afterwards.

Professor6871 says:

A sure fire Olympic sport there it get the ratiings like nobodys business.

bashirD says:


stoogettes4me says:

Hot Babes and a Great Mud Pit !..the Girl on the Bottom REALLY got her Hair Totally Slathered… I should get MY Models, Dawn and Nanette into that Ring !

helloboi1134 says:

sure, it’d be more fun to actually BE in the mud. ;)

thesirchristian says:

Well at least these two actually wrestled.

joaquinFeldman says:

wel i enjoid it but i preffer LiveMary . com for this kind of stuff

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