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simon ortiz says:

oy hayb

fyiguyfla says:

hmmmmm, I wonder why this is the most popular video on the BFvsGF channel

mantha raspberry says:

SAAAN* haha

Juju Dorosz says:

Wow there dirty

Destiny Gardner says:


Destiny Gardner says:

i want ot go there sooooo bad but i dont want to b muddy

young dipper says:

i want to do tht sooo bad

ccyl54 says:

Porn came up for the suggestions

kelsieandbaileyshow says:

I want to do that so bad

DianaDream19 says:

This was such an old vlog! You guys have come so far :) I miss your long vlogs though! Thumbs up if you’re watching this in 2013 AND if you miss the long vlogs SAAAN!!

JoyAndDestinie12321 says:

Of course this gets 3million views

MrCaptnpineapple says:

why am I not surprised that this is their most popular video

DopeFreshness3 says:

Best vlog I have seen!!

Megan Souffrant says:

The Warrior Dash.

mantha raspberry says:

3:57 jesse jumping like a boss!

vidfuse says:

what kind of event is that seems like a really cool showcase of fitness

Cal H says:

awesome video

jelynrio says:

Coolest couple ever.

Montaye Dawson says:


Ricky Velodi says:


Anisha Darar says:


Neon Bones says:

Gee, I wonder why this is the most viewed video…

Becyork says:

Paper bag princess

AcidSkater2008 says:

Who’s the fatty?

Lee McCart says:


FallschirmspringenX says:

this is jun!

Haggiegirlrox says:

I felt like I was in a COD video.

xxxrossomaticxxx says:

right click video stop download

01998 says:


Veronica Torres says:

this is bad asss!! lol

GeTFlaiR says:

Nah, it’s because of the thumbnail.

trishaaafishaaa says:

that looks like so much fun

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