Intense Female Wrestling Match

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Download the full match at Which will win endurance and flexibility or strength and technique. Best Friends Amanda and Megan face off in an intense wrestling match as the first American’s on Australian’s Wrestla-Girl! Check back for the rematch coming soon.


Amanda Nicole Smith says:

Funny thing about my bottom choice. I really didn’t have any options so Megan lent me the only thing that fit, her old bathing suit bottoms…Then we noticed that it had worn out in the butt and had become almost see through. So she let me try on just some regular black dance briefs she had which were a tad too small and so I threw em over the bathing suit bottoms and called it good. I’m not quite sure where she got them.

lovejudogirls says:

their both whimps!

earl jones says:


zorro9992 says:

These girls are so fit and athletic I believe they can beat most men in the ring! They would wear them out!

Jessie Keys says:

Amanda, wear did you got those briefs you are wrestling in? are they just standard dance briefs?

2210u says:

La linda rubita es mi novia, aunque ella no lo sabe :)

Ramiro caceres says:

que linda la flaca

Sakhibam24 says:

Xvxvd ccbvc

tricepsish says:

some ppl pay for porn sites like this

hnyl888 says:

Good fight!

dsc20601 says:

Bill Clinton would love them.

dasMasturbieren says:

Amandas sexy legs and ass are so hot I had to jerk off and cum looking at them. esp hot @ 1;47 & 1:54-:58

enviardime says:


nskarvan says:

Imagine a brawl between these two!

buttoneer says:

Heck of a fight between two very fit girls. Both have beautiful bellies.

arthie cummings says:

what the heck happened at 1:45. Woman in blue top was in control and sudenly she is pinned??


Ragnar Beowulf says:

These girls are really sensational. Tough, competitive and really sexy in a sporting way. Many thanks to all concerned.

natsumerio1 says:

Youtube started out great, but it’s been falling straight into the world’s deepest toilet ever since they started censoring things. & now the un-skippable ads. Does youtube really think that we come here for the ADS?

FBlair says:

nice scr@p

thamnosma says:

It must be obvious to the ad people that every single one of us skips the crud after 5 seconds. You’d think the brilliant minds of advertising would create 5 second spots!

ziwen1 says:

wuhu i have no doubt that is what it is all about cant take my eyes from the screen

Shaobin Quek says:

@aiteejf yeah right there are much better sites than youtube for girls. found a site the other day which is out of control just real horny girls who want to skype and get naughty check out this

bashirD says:

yeha, hot hot girls, show more

Julie Sanchez says:

Looked like win-win to;-)

john K says:

Next time lose the shoes will have better grip barefoot.

dave997 says:

amazing wrestling video, you are good! please do more

David Hobbs says:

The speed of this particular encounter means that well matched it stays interesting and both get a good workout.

Brittany Yetter says:

look my fight up. brittany yetter smackisfaction. i was in the blue shorts and grey sports bra. the girl i fought was in pink and came out BITCH swinging lmao. ITS WORTH THE VEIW!

jthongb4ker says:

no. theyre actually one of the most popular holds in wrestla-girl. you must be thinking of highschool freestyle wrestling or something… they use *WAYYYY* too many rules

electromatic715 says:

arent full nelsons illegal?

Rene Radi says:

These ladies are very agile, an advantage in wrestling matches.

Michael Stein says:

Athletic girls rock!!

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